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Option 6: Keep storm sewer grates clear

When storm sewer grates are clogged with yard waste, leaves, garbage, snow and ice or other debris, less water will enter the storm sewer system. When water can’t get into the sewer system, there is an increased chance that it will flow onto private properties and then into homes and basements. Here are a few things you can do to help keep storm sewer grates clear and working properly:

• Does your community have a yard waste pickup program? If it does, wait until the day that your yard waste will be picked up before placing it on the curb.

• If you live in an older neighbourhood that is densely-treed, watch for blockages in storm sewer grates from fallen leaves, especially during the fall months.

• Put out your garbage on collection days only.

• If you notice that a sewer grate is clogged with any debris including snow and ice, clear it out or let your municipal government know about it. If a storm sewer grate is repeatedly blocked or has a poor ability to drain water from the surface, it may be a sign of a larger problem in the catch basin. If you notice such a sewer grate, inform your municipal government. It may well save you and your neighbours from having basement flood damages.