Reduce the risk of basement flooding...

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Option 3: Hire a licensed plumber to conduct a detailed plumbing inspection on your home

Each home is unique. A plumber or contractor who is fully versed in home and municipal drainage systems can help you understand the risk of flooding in your home. Some homes may have only a sanitary sewer lateral and some homes may have both a sanitary sewer lateral and a storm sewer lateral. Understanding the risks of flooding and the nature of your plumbing and sewer connections will help to ensure that the best course of action is taken to reduce future flooding in your home.

If possible, hire contractors or plumbers who have been pre-approved and recommended by your municipal government.

Contact the public works, utilities or building department in your municipal government and ask for a list of contractors or plumbers who have been pre-approved to carry out work related to basement flooding.

A detailed plumbing investigation may involve the use of closed circuit television (CCTV) camera inspections. This type of inspection will help to identify the type of connections that a home has to the municipal sewer system and the nature of the home’s plumbing.